Self-indulgent? Absolutely!

I just love a brand-spankin’-new blog! The picking out of the template, the pondering over a good title, and the anticipation of whether or not your domain name will get to match your title or if you’ll have to pick some ridiculous combination of numbers and characters. It’s all so exciting!

I was previously blogging back and forth between my best friend, who is embarking on an exciting journey to Niger with the Peace Corps in a week. We would talk about day-to-day happenings and our ever present desires to be fit people. Given the magnitude of what she’s about to do, and the personal growth she will no doubt experience, I can hardly ask her to keep me updated with her running schedule and fitness goals….

But what I loved about that process was that I got to be totally open, but at the same time I was able to maintain my smarty-pants writing style that usually only appears when I’m aware that other people are reading. And thus, I’ve released said best friend from her obligation to blog with me and will too embark on my own journey (with the luxury of flush toilets and paved roads).

My general position on blogging is that it’s awesome, most of the time. What irritates me about a lot of blogs is that they are either too personal (i.e. public therapy session) or too mundane to be interesting. It’s the same as, say, a facebook status. You have those people who reveal everything and expect you to comfort them:
” I just want to cry right now because my boyfriend left me when he found out that
I’m pregnant and it’s not his….”

And then there are those people who say things that aren’t interesting and think that you care:
” I already fed Johnny and did three loads of laundry and it’s only 9:00am!”

So I’m left with mixed feelings. I want to be one of those blogs that is genuinely interesting for friends and strangers alike. While it might be self-indulgent and conceited of me to think that anyone cares about the things I care about or the things I will write here…. well–why the hell not?

The only thing left to divulge on my shiny new blog is:
What’s my schtick?

I don’t intend to simply provide you with a public journal, but to give you a tiny piece of one aspect of my life that I’d like to share. Namely, that I am a country girl that has never lived in the country. I have a fierce desire to lead a holistic, sustainable lifestyle, and I believe that it is the key to good health and happiness. Just one crafty lady trying to keep it simple in the middle of the concrete jungle.

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  1. Glad you found another outlet for writing, L. Look forward to following your craftiness, and you can still tell me all about your workouts if you want. Love, EL

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