Two doors in two days

This is not my bike.

I received such generous support on my Facebook post yesterday regarding one idiot driver who perceived the bike lane on Halstead St. as a free ticket to exit his vehicle without looking in the side mirror.  I mean, it’s not like bikes ride in the bike lane anyway.

Let me recreate the scenario:

I’m riding through Greektown during the lunch hour (against better judgement).

Car driver X opens his door at the precise moment I’m passing his car.

I swerve.

He continues to get out of his car.

I yell. “Jesus!”

He mutters “…sorry…”


I’d like to emphasize that the ellipses and all lowercase letters are meant to indicate the relaxed, nonchalant tone with with the driver responded.  Awesome.  However, I lived to ride again – and today I was decked head to toe in electric green.  This afternoon, as I was riding home on Diversey a lady opened her door on me.

Let me recreate the scenario:

I’m riding West on Diversey wearing an electric green jersey, neon blue and green flowered helmet, matching sunglasses, and bright red shoes, with my super bright “Mr Blinky” light turned on.

Car driver Y opens her door at the precise moment I’m passing her car.

I swerve.

She continues to get out of her car.

I yell. “Jesus!!!!      Lady!!!”

She mutters, “I saw you….”

Okay.  Look: 

*steps on soap box*

Bike lanes occasionally have bikes riding down them.  Look in your mirror.  Roads without bike lanes also occasionally have bikes riding down them.  If you look in your mirror and see a bike coming, don’t get out of the car.  Count to two, and let the bleeping bike pass.

I’m not a bike messenger.  I’m not even a hipster.  I’m just a girl who doesn’t have her own car, doesn’t want to pay for the bus, and likes to get a little exercise from time to time.

My very life is in your hands, drivers.

Share the road.

*steps down from soap box*


2 thoughts on “Two doors in two days”

  1. I think you are brave to ride the mean streets of Chicago. I ride for exercise/fun on the streets and the lakefront path. I will not ride with my son in the the Burley except on quite side streets or to the paths in Evanston, because I cannot trust cars to obey the laws and be aware of he and I, even with our big orange flag flying.
    Glad you were not hurt!!

  2. Thanks, Jeanne! I’m just not sure why drivers seem to hate bikers so much. During the same ride a car pulled out of his parking spot right in front of me. I put out my hand in a big jazz hand and said “WAIT!” while I was passing. They sped ahead of me and as they did one of the passengers swiped his hand out the window as though he was hitting me across the back of the head. They then swiftly cut me off to turn into the drive-thru at Taco Bell…

    Some bikers do ride really poorly… and at the end of the day the driver is large and in charge. I try not to get too aggressive, because, seriously, I can’t win against a vehicle. If I really piss someone off and they get angry, I don’t stand a chance.

    I’m glad you have more sense than me…. I’m 50 blocks from the lake, so that doesn’t make sense for my riding, and the lakefront path I’ve found equally frustrating because it’s SO congested. I love riding on Milwaukee Ave. and have had few problems there. It’s super wide and there are LOTS of other riders on that road.

    Hope you are well!

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