Starbucks Around the World: Mexico City, Mexico

Disclaimer: Since Travelpod does not allow you to export blogs, I shall be bringing old entries to you slowly, but surely, through good, old-fashioned (and painstakingly arduous) Cut-and-paste.

December 24, 2007

Having already visited stores in Canada and the US (continental and Alaska), this beauty completes the North American tour of Starbucks stores.  Here at the Sante Fe mall in Mexico City, paying for coffee in pesos, ordering a grande and having it actually mean something besides medium… that deserves six thumbs up.

By the way, we also caught sight of two more stores on a tour bus cruising through Mexico City:

notice the snowflakes…

We were there at Christmas time and is was a breezy 65-F

Another shot from the tourbus in downtown D.F.