Starbucks Around the World: Heraklion, Crete

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August 14, 2008

I’m leaving this photo obnoxiously big on purpose, for through a series of unfortunate events, this is the one and only picture of our magical day on the island of Crete.  In all of my genius, I deleted all the photos of Crete by accident about a week after returning from the Mediterranean cruise.  Of course, the first thing I did after getting home from the cruise was upload the Sbux series to Facebook, so this is the only evidence I have of being there.

The day itself, was truly awesome.  Heraklion was nearly deserted due to an obscure Saint’s birthday (that, apparently, is not obscure in Crete and gives everyone the day off).  This, our last port of call on our cruise, was a bittersweet end to an amazing international journey.  I didn’t buy anything at this Starbucks; I merely posed in front of it, since I was completely full of espresso and fried cheese from the cafe across the plaza.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks Around the World: Heraklion, Crete”

  1. One photo of the trip is better than nothing and you still have your memories 🙂
    My friend accidentally deleted all her holiday photos but she managed to get half of them back by taking it to a camera repair shop. Maybe you could try that?

    1. Thanks! We actually tried everything from buying recovery software for the computer to taking in the camera’s memory card in to a repair shop. No dice. I definitely learned my lesson about looking in your trash bin before emptying it…!!

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