Starbucks Around the World: Lexington, KY

As I entered the door of this Lexington, KY Starbucks, I glanced at a decorative film on the door reading “Rediscover why we’re best friends.”  I rediscovered this a few hours earlier….. after picking up coffee on our way out of Louisville from *another coffee shop*.  We’re best friends because you, Starbucks, make good coffee.  I could have used a little TP in the restroom to top off my experience at this makeshift roadside rest on the way to Smoky Mountain National Park for an excellent Thanksgiving getaway, but overall my Cher hair and I give Lexington a big thumb’s up.

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Lauren Warnecke is the dance critic at the Chicago Tribune and editor/senior writer at See Chicago Dance. Her writing has appeared in Chicago Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, St. Louis Magazine and Dance Media publications, among others. Lauren is an adjunct faculty member at Loyola University Chicago in the dance and exercise science programs. She has been a writer-in-residence at the Bates Dance Festival (Lewiston, ME) and the JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience (Durban, South Africa), and was part of the first low-res dance writing lab cohort at the National Center for Choreography in Akron, OH. Since 2009, Lauren has blogged about dance and performance in the American midwest at

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