Damn you, foam roller!

I have a secret to tell you.

I’m a fitness instructor who doesn’t go to the gym that often…. shhh!!

I hate to admit it, but I’ve been to my local Ballys (now LA Fitness) exactly once since I moved (last February).  I’m a prime example of a person that had a routine (we were going at least twice a week), and lost it as soon as something (or lots of things) changed in my life.

Ok, look, during the year I teach a grand total of 18 fitness classes a week, work 12 hour days, commute 20 miles a day on bike, and operate a small dance company.  So that’s my excuse.  But in the “off-season”, that is, the break between semesters, I decided it was time to make good on the $25 a month that is deducted from my account every month.

I’ve been wanting to grab some new tips for the workouts I give in class, and make sure I look ripped on the first day of the semester in January.  Determined to not wait for another “tomorrow”, or, God help us, until January 1 to go back to the gym, I boldly went where no Lauren (that’s me) has gone before: a Pilates class.

I hate Pilates.

It doesn’t make sense to me and just makes my neck hurt.  But, I recognize that people who do Pilates regularly look extremely buff.  I haven’t taken a Pilates class, in fact, since college, and after going I pretty much feel the same way about it that I did before.

Except, perhaps, for the foam roller.

This thing is awesome, and something I never knew could be incorporated into a Pilates workout.  Providing both cushion and support, and a wicked test of balance, that little log of foam kicked my ass.  And I like a good ass kicking now and again.

I love that feeling after you work out.  That soft pain developing in your muscles, adrenaline pumping through you.  And, Pilates aside, today I feel that, and I want to feel it again tomorrow.

Foam roller, I think I’m in love with you.

Long story short, the holidays are tough for me… primarily due to my loves for cheesy made-for-TV movies and pie.  I work really hard and when I get the chance to relax I often relax hard too.  However, when I squeeze back into those tiny stretch pants I wear every day at work, I want to feel confident.  I’d like to know that the students are looking at my face and not my butt.  Or, if they are looking at my butt, they’re thinking, “Man alive! She must work out”.

Because, you know, of course I do!

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