Crafty Lady goes on a diet

For the most part, I eat healthy foods and I’m an active person.  My day job requires that I teach nearly 18 hours of fitness a week.  I particpate in extra curricular fitness events.  I eat well, and have fresh fruits and veg every day.  Although I’m fairly confident of my ninja status among my students and peers, I still struggle with my weight from time to time.

I’ve been feeling a few pounds creep on here and there over the past four or five months, and I’d like to nip it in the bud while my pants still fit…

time to attack the spare tire. Like the warrior I am.

…and before I hit the beach this Christmas.

So, I’m resorting to an old standby and have picked up a(nother) subscription to Weight Watchers online.  This is my third or perhaps fourth attempt with WW, and I’ve always been successful.  You see, I know the right foods to eat, I just eat too much of them.  In an effort to hold myself accountable, I’m laying myself out for all you creafty readers to see.

I’m going on a diet.

Or, a lifestyle change – whatever.

Words of encouragement?

7 thoughts on “Crafty Lady goes on a diet”

  1. What I’ve found for myself is that making small choices day to day/meal to meal works better than “forbidding” myself certain foods, food groups, etc. If I “fall off the bandwagon” I’ve set up for myself, I feel like saying “whatever, screw it.” When I make the smallest of choices that I know are better for me, even if a less healthy choice seems like it will taste SOOO much better in the moment, the little victories of making a good choice eventually turn into more regular habits.

    That and eating before you’re too hungry. I always put off eating or having a good snack on hand and then I’m starving and overeat.

    You probably know these things, they just come up for me when thinking about diet/nutrition.

  2. Also, words of encouragement (to go along with whatever I just rambled about): focus on the small victories and congratulate yourself on them! Forgive yourself (and enjoy it) when you’re indulging in something (sometimes you just need to eat cake). Is that encouraging? IDK it’s too early. You’re gonna do great!

  3. Thanks Nora and Catherine! I thought some very public accountibility would help to moticate me this time around. I will definitely celebrate the small victories!

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