My Netflix queue is filled with lesbians from the 1980s

The thing is, when the GF goes out on the road, there’s a measurable uptick in my house for redecorating and bad gay movies. I don’t have cable, but  I do have Roku, and Sunday afternoon I came across this little beauty: Desert Hearts.


You know the story… the lonely, dissatisfied professor – Vivian –  travels to Reno to get a divorce (apparently that was a thing), and falls madly in love with the radical feminist lesbian of the desert – Cay. Spoiler alert: they live happily ever after.

Why am I telling you this? Dearest readers, there is so much more out there than The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love and Better than Chocolate. You’ve just got to reach into the depths of your Netflix app and find it. There’s Tru Love: the non-committal lesbian who falls in love with her friend’s mother, The Guest House: the aspiring businesswoman who falls in love with her boss’s daughter, and Bloomington: the retired child star who falls in love with a professor who routinely breaks students’ hearts.* Spoiler alerts: they ALL live happily ever after.

All the feels – and all the stereotypes – right at your fingertips for the taking.

* You might need a bottle of wine to accompany a few of these films.