Polar Vortex PressReader Giveaway!

It wasn’t that long ago that electronic journalism was a crazy, farfetched idea. But in 2014, weekday commutes and Sunday coffees are now accompanied by iPads more often than newspapers.

As print journalism sadly fades away, electronic publications hosted by major newspapers are becoming increasingly high quality sources of news.

And you don’t get black smudges on your fingers.

The cool thing about an electronic press database like PressReader is that you can have virtually any newspaper or magazine you want at your fingertips, without having to purchase separate online subscriptions.

photos courtesy of PressReader
photos courtesy of PressReader

I’ve tried out PressReader before, and with the absence of an iPad in my life decided that an annual membership wasn’t for me.

So, I’m giving it to you instead!

I’m so pumped to have the opportunity to offer a FREE annual membership to PressReader for one lucky person who reads my blog (it could even be you, Mom…). Check out PressReader, see if it’s something that might be good in your life, and then see below for how to get your hands on a free year of electronic news:

So, it’s cold in Chicago right now. It’s been cold for awhile. It was so fracking cold that we cancelled life for two days. Then it stayed cold and we couldn’t justify canceling life again so we just put on lots of long underwear and went about our days.

The endless series of Polar Vortices seems like as good a reason as any to give something away to my readers. So here’s what you need to do to win:

Write a short (short) story about what you would do with a snow day (or polar vortex day, or in the South 1/4″ of snow day, etc). Do you like to stay in and drink hot chocolate and watch Law and Order all day? Bake scones in a snuggie? Build snow people? Whatever it is, make sure it somehow involves a few moments of catching up on the news with your free year of PressReader.

Submit your story by making a comment below this post, and be sure to do it by February 28!

Also, include your email so I know where to contact you if (when) you win!

One lucky reader will be chosen at random from a hat on March 1, and will receive a whole year of free news and magazines from all over the world. Neat, right?!?

p.s. If you didn’t already click on this link above, you’ll want to do that now (trust me).

A Crafty Fall Give-Away!

Ok, so on occasion I’ve done product reviews at craftylauren.com, but this is definitely a first for me.


Zinio 300x250I know what you’re thinking…

“I’m going to get sucked into a rolling payment for something I just wanted for free.”

I thought that too when Zinio first contacted me. My initial reaction was actually:

“Get lost, because I’m not interested in screwing the readers who actually take the time to give a crap about my life and the zillion Starbucks-es I visit.”

But this is totally legit.

Some of my fondest memories as a kid were leafing through my Mom’s Better Homes and Gardens or Country Home magazines and day-dreaming about my future decorating scheme.  Ok, I still do this on a regular basis, but the point is: magazines are neat and Zinio is an online newsstand that hosts magazine subscriptions for your desktop, phone, or tablet.  Sometimes I’m just not that into mobile formats of reading (which is totally weird considering the whole semi-professional blogger thing I have going on), but I also don’t like piles of magazines on my dining room table.  If you’ve ever thought you might like to test out switching to a digital format, here’s your chance!

To kick off my favorite time of the year, Zinio and I are giving away 10 magazine subscriptions FOR FREE.  There are only two strings:

1) Fill out the form below with your full name, email address, and magazine title chosen from Zinio.com (note: it’s an annual subscription, so the number of actual issues depends on the magazine). You don’t have to give me or Zinio ANY payment or personal information other than your email address.

2) In the comments below, tell me what your favorite magazine is and why.

The first 10 people to complete both these steps before Oct 15 win!

That’s it.

Oh, and if one title isn’t enough, or you miss the boat on the giveaway, all home, design, and garden related magazines are 50% off until October 8! For more information, visit http://bit.ly/ziniohome