Old School

The other day I bought an address book. It’s a tiny one that fits in my handbag and has a few notes pages in the back for important dates.

The thing is, I kept losing all my contacts when updating my phone. And, it’s annoying to try to give someone contact information in a text or over the phone when that contact information is, well, on your phone. So now I can just pull out my little address book, and bam. Everything is right there.

I know what you’re thinking… what if I lose my antiquated little address book? Well, I’ve managed to keep a passport, a set of keys, and a gaggle of cats within my grasp for 15 years, so I think I can handle an address book.

This was the most recent in a string of attempts to return to less electronic, slightly less complicated ways of doing things. Technology is great (I mean, this is a BLOG after all…), but I’ve been craving an increasingly unplugged life.

Ultimately, I’m preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Wait, that’s silly and probably not going to happen. Continue reading Old School

How I kicked cable out of my life, and a realization about The Price Is Right

Apparently crafty runs in my family.

On a visit with my brother I noticed his TV was running off of this funny thing with two long metal tentacles….

omg. They make Digital HD rabbit ears?!? Seriously?

tumblr_mj3ictfqnq1qmywbko1_500We’ve been wanting to ex-communicate cable from our household for awhile, but going down to basic service means losing the HD picture on our very (very) large TV.  That kind of defeats the purpose, so Crafty Bro recommended this beautiful little contraption to pick up the main stations with a crisp HD picture.

Add in a little Hulu and Netflix and it’s all the TV you could want for about $20 a month (plus a small investment up front for the antenna).  I’m not selling out my blog and advertising for Hulu; I’m just seriously excited by the opportunity to stick it to the cable company and still be able to watch Top Chef in HD.

Sounds like a win-win.  Thanks, Bro.

The downside?  If there is one it might be that you can’t record anything to a DVR, so if you want to watch TV live it will be on the major networks with commercials.  That might not be so bad, since I tend to either do pushups, dishes, or both during commercial breaks.

Or it might just mean that I watch less television, which wouldn’t be bad either.

So here’s where I get to my next point.  I was watching CBS for the first time since, oh, 2003 and came across The Price Is Right.  No more Bob Barker; no more Rod Roddy, but same old Price Is Right.

Sort of…

…until dream boat Rob Wilson (the first ever male model on the show) struck a pose and pointed an enthusiastic thumbs up towards a home theatre set in the showcase showdown.  After I picked up my jaw from the floor, I thought ,“Rock on, Price Is Right!  Go on with your bad self.”

I don’t know who’s idea it was to be fair about who can and can’t promote a blender and a trip to Fiji on television.  Maybe this is Drew Carey’s version of having your pets spayed and neutered.  Either way, CBS making the choice to start objectifying both sexes is a darn good one, and a decision that I hope will pay off for them (especially since it’s one of the five channels I’ll now be watching).