Call Me.

I’m having an internal debate about how technology might be hindering my social interactions. It’s probably hindering yours too.

I remember the first time I got a text: I was standing on Michigan Avenue looking down at my Nokia brick phone in wonderment. It seemed totally weird to type something that could take a fraction of the time to say over the phone. Fast forward about 15 years, and I’m talking to most of my friends through bitmoji’s… so, not, actually, saying anything at all. Continue reading Call Me.

Status update: Today I’m Doing Laundry

It’s true, there’s a load or two headed down to the washer this morning.

But actually, the point is not to tell you it’s laundry day, but rather to get something off my chest.

I’m all about keeping a to-do list, but am I the only person who finds it silly to post your daily to-do’s as your status on Facebook?  It leads me to think one of three things about this person:

1) You are a celebrity and your agent requires you to broadcast your life on Facebook no matter what.

2) You are so self-important that you think people care about what you do all day. Every day.  This could apply regardless of whether or not you are a celebrity.

3) You have nothing of importance going on in your life, and/or are so disorganized that doing laundry and eating breakfast is an important event and saying so on Facebook helps you keep yourself together on a number of levels.

artful laundry

Here’s the thing: Silence is golden.  I don’t care when President Obama himself does laundry.  Save the good stuff for Facebook, like having babies and graduating from college.

Exception: If, in fact, you can’t help yourself and have to broadcast your daily routine to invite adoration of your mundane life, doing so through pictures with a retro filter is always acceptable.

By the way…

Maybe you already know that I have another blog, but if not, I have another blog!  Art Intercepts is my main squeeze, with a dance focus, and I’ve entered it in Dance Advantage’s Top Dance Blog Contest.  My success in moving on to the next phase of the contest is based on number of comments, so I’d really appreciate your help!  All you have to do is visit this post and add a comment (Not this post, THIS POST).  You only have until Tues, 1/22 to comment, And, thanks!