Starbucks around the World: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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June 3, 2006

Vancouver was the first official stops on my journey to visit Starbucks stores around the globe.  While I was still employed for them,  I used my employee discount wherever I traveled to get a collector’s mug.  Nowadays, I opt for a photo of me in front of the “Siren”.  Sorry to say that I have no photo of the Vancouver Starbucks, only a collector’s mug and this personal account:

Canada was a different sort of Starbucks experience.  No employee discounts for American employees, and try asking for an inch of soymilk in your Americano.  It was at that point that I actually realized I was in a different country.

Barista: “a pinch”

Me: “no, an inch”

Barista [pouring a teensy smidgen of milk into my cup]: “Like that?”

Me: “no, an inch……… oh, I mean 2.5 centimeters, please.”