Starbucks Around the World: 8 S. Michigan


I’m flying solo tonight going to (can you guess?!?) a dance show and stopped for a greek yogurt and short hot chocolate. It’s the dinner of champs, right?

There is a buzz about downtown stores that reminds me of mine. Lots of guests, even in the evening, and lots of baristas, all quite friendly.  The wifi, the stale smell of past grindings… it almost makes me miss it.


Starbucks Around the World: Chicago, IL

Disclaimer: Since Travelpod does not allow you to export blogs, I shall be bringing old entries to you slowly, but surely, through good, old-fashioned (and painstakingly arduous) Cut-and-paste.

July 30, 2010

Quite before the crack of dawn, this Starbucks stop is at O’Hare International Airport at the beginning of our beautiful trip to Oaxaca, Mexico in the summer of 2010.  It was so early I don’t even remember what I drank, but I assume it was caffeinated and included a yogurt parfait.

I am rather glad to report that Oaxaca has no ‘Bucks, so you will only witness two entires on this adventure, both in airports. However, coffee was still prevalent on this trip-I witnessed an up close and personal view of for real “Shade Grown Mexico” on the side of a mountain near Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca.

Starbucks Around the World: Chicago, IL

Alright, so I know I already have a photo in Chicago (still hanging out over on travelpod, and two if you count my boarded up old store at 670 N. Michigan).  Plus, it’s not really “around the world” for me since I live in Chicago, and it’s in the airport…..

…But this is terminal 3 at the airport.

The Starbucks experience was just fine – I had an iced coffee and a yogurt parfait, but I might add that this may be the only terminal I fly out of from now on because I’m totally gaga over Virgin America as my new airline of choice.  If you want to hear more about that, read my post about it.