About Lauren.


Lauren Warnecke  is a Chicago-based freelance dance and culture critic, currently contributing to the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Magazine, and formerly with SeeChicagoDance.com and Windy City Times. She founded the blog Art Intercepts in 2009, and also writes about dance pedagogy, health and wellness, qualitative research methods and higher education for various print and online publications. Lauren has created presentations, courses, and curricula for universities, professional, and pre-professional organizations; presented at national and international conferences; and, for over a decade, managed extra-curricular arts programs for youth and adults in the non-profit sector. Lauren is an adjunct faculty member at Loyola University Chicago, holds degrees in dance and kinesiology, and is certified in random things like the Cecchetti Method, aquatic exercise, olympic weightlifting and urban composting. Tweet her @artintercepts.






2 thoughts on “About Lauren.

    • Hi Michael, Thanks for your comment and reading the review on the Tribune. You’re right, we can all do better to acknowledge the designers who often work thanklessly to make productions into productions, and not just dances.

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